Welcome! We are Poised to Promote Research at SHSMF

Welcome to SHSMF.org. Promoting research that we have studied is the primary focus of this website. While we’re reporting on subjects relating to health and wellness, you may also find that some articles are nutrition related, or “harm reduction” related as well since that is a point of interest to some of us.

As I write this introduction, I am reminded also that I have a particular interest in certain fitness trends, and because I have a former in-law who has suffered from substance abuse, I may be writing about that as well.

I know that this is still looking a little undone, but I needed to at least welcome you and introduce you to a few of the things that I and my friends are going to be covering here. We have other jobs, so I don’t know how quickly we’ll be posting (or even how often), but if you happen to stumble upon us when you search for something, please know that we’ll be back soon.